Organize health data

We scan your blood work tests, store your body measurements, sample energy, mood and brain function through simple tests. Like a medical card.


Andrei Beloveshkin, MD, PhD

Andrei is an MD/PhD research scientist. He conducts health and wellness sessions for companies and individuals on food, stress management, neurotransmitters and disease prevention.

He runs his own blog, health school and pereodic live Q&As.

At Carrot Care, Andrei leads the team of doctors to merge his deep medical knowledge with modern technology and bring the best lifestyle and medical product to you.


Valerie Kalantai | April 11, 2021

"Great app to track the bloodwork. It scanned most of my results without a problem. Developers need to add recommendations based on blood tests!"

Brittany | June 26, 2021

"With a few keywords in the App Store I entered blood test results and of the selection I felt that the your app, Carrot Care, was most fitting. Even though it didn’t have the type of functionality that I was originally looking for it’s still amazing in so many ways and I am so excited to explore its features more and more and continue to tell everyone I know to download the app and if they don’t I will come over there and download it for them"

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